lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federation of May 19, 2011

Regular meeting of the Executive Committee of Russian figure skating Federation was held on 19 May this year in the building of the Russian Olympic Committee....

The Executive Committee considered the appeal of Evgeni Plushenko regarding the lifting of sanctions from his participation in the competitions of the International Skating Union (ISU). Taking into account his commitment to continue clearly to follow the rules of the ISU and the Russian figure skating federation, as well and his aspiration to achieve the main goal of his sporting life - successfully perform at the 2014 Olympics, Executive Committee of the Federation decided to apply the International Skating Union (ISU) to lift these sanctions.

Mis hermanos son Gale, Vick y Posy...mi madre es Hazzelle y mi padre murió en la explosión de las minas...¿Quién soy? 

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