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ENTREVISTA-->Evgeni Plushenko - I want to become a legend of figure skating

Evgeni Plushenko: “I want to become a legend of figure skating”

A sensational defeat at the 2010 Olympics, disqualification, commercial projects and a kaleidoscope of star’s life did not destroy sports passion of Evgeni Plushenko. In an interview with "Moskovskie Novosti", 28-year-old skater talked about his current preparation for the upcoming season, and plan for the Games in Sochi in 2014. Also about new programs, realities of figure skating, and his faith in God.

- In what stage is the issue of your comeback to the sport after disqualification?
- Evgeni Plushenko: I think the International Skating Union will allow me to compete. Behind the scenes the problem is solved and all questions are closed. As far as I know, the official decision on the ISU Council will be made in July, that I can be back and continue with competition.

- Did you meet ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta during the World championships in Moscow?
- Yes, I did. We met in Moscow, and in Milan earlier, where I had shows. As I understand from our conversations, there is no obstacle to my return.

- Have you already decided who will be the choreographers of your new programs?
- I have worked with Alexander Zhulin. Also, I have another new choreographer. A young girl. Russian woman. Dancer, which is now a dance teacher. With her we have prepared my new exhibition program - this is a trial version with music by the group "Scorpions". Also, there are developments in a free program.

- Can you say something about your new ideas?
- At the moment, I can’t tell you about the details. We will prepare new programs now, and during this summer - we will train and correct them. I plan to test the programs in the shows. But there won't be many of them. I have already refused to participate in some ice shows in China and Japan, because I want to concentrate on preparing for the new season.

- What about your old injuries?
- Now everything is very good. I thank the German and our doctors, who advised and operated me. I still have some little injuries and sores, but every skater has the same problems.

- How does your wife Yana Rudkovskaya reacted to the fact that you will compete again? After all, this means that for at least three years, you will doom yourself to a hard sport mode, and cut yourself off from the "high life", to which you are accustomed?
- Yana welcomed my decisions, and she will be with me in all competitions.

- You have all possible titles in figure skating. Would you like to finish your career being on top?
- Of course - this is my first intention. Second - I want to become a legend of figure skating, participant of four Olympic Games, and of course stand on podium.

- What do you think, after disputes in Vancouver, to which direction the men's skating should move? There has been an ambiguity towards integrating quads into programs?
- Sure. But I also have to adapt to the ISU system, to do the "transitions" - links between the elements, spins. In short - I must live today's figure skating.

- Where will you spend more time now - in Moscow, or St. Petersburg?
- I would say this: in Novogorsk, where I train, and in St. Petersburg.

- And your parents?
- They live in St. Petersburg.

- The history of your arrival to the sport have already been written in every possible way, and yet, how was it?
- It was my mother, who brought me, a four year old boy, to figure skating. This was at a time, when we lived in Volgograd. She was very fond of this sport, because competitions and championships in figure skating were often shown on television. I grew up nimble, could not sit in one place, and to turn my energy to a peaceful direction, I was sent to the sports section. I can not say that I liked the choice of my mother immediately. After all, my peers thought that figure skating is "women's" sport. Sometimes they picked on me, when I came to play football after training. I still remember those mocking phrases: "Oh, look, figure skater came to play football." But everything changed when the first successes came. "We saw you on TV, you skated great" - everyone around began to say.

- Is it true, that your first coach was a weightlifter?
- Yes, Michael Makoveev. He was engaged in weightlifting, but he was a fan of figure skating. He founded a school in Volgograd, which lasted quite a long time, until the "Ice Palace" has been converted to an automobile shop. When there were not conditions for training in Volgograd anymore, Makoveev called Alexei Mishin, and asked him to see me.

- Moving a 11-year old teen to an unfamiliar city must have been a test?
- Of course. You understand: I came to Petersburg from Volgograd, which means - from a village, limitations. I had to prove my viability, not only on the ice, but also in the locker room. The older guys thrashed me, not too much, but enough. I endured all that for one year without complaining, even though it happened that I cried. And then everything stopped. I was able to establish myself, adapt. And generally, I am like that in my life - I can adapt quickly. I feel comfortable and free everywhere - in St. Petersburg, or in New York, or in Australia.

- It seems that in Australia for the first time you became junior world champion?
- Yes, I won gold and for the prize money I bought gifts for everyone and sneakers for myself, for a crazy - as I thought then - price of $ 80.

- Your coach Mishin said that in the beginning in St. Petersburg you saved every penny?
- There was not enough money to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, and my mother and I lived in a communal apartment. Mom often went to Volgograd, leaving me under the neighbors' care. There were days, when there was was not enough money to get to the "Yubileyni" and back. But I believed, that someday I would be able to provide for myself and my relatives, because my family never lived lavishly. My dad was a carpenter and a builder. Mom sews perfectly. And she sewed the first costumes for my performances. Prior to that, parents worked at BAM's (Baikal-Amur highway) as builders. Mom dragged bricks. So they needed my help. As soon as I earned the first big money, I bought my parents an apartment in St. Petersburg.

- You always cross yourself before going out on the ice. Do you believe in God?
- Yes, I do. I was christened at the age of five. I insisted on this. Persuaded parents. They are people of the Soviet hardening, so they wondered - why? But I often noticed crosses on other children's necks, and I warmed to it myself. I badgered and badgered, I followed my mother for several days. Finally, she took me to the church. God has not left me since then. In any case, I believe that.


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